Friday, January 21, 2011

Food Trip Friday # 1

My First entry for Food Trip Friday.

Today's category is dessert, poultry
My version of Buffalo Wings with cream cheese dipping
Recipe to follow :D

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cheesy Penne

Pasta is on the top list of my favorite cooks at home. I've been trying different variations from red sauce,white sauce,oil-base sauce etc.My daughter loves my pasta dishes and always encourage me to make a new variant for her, she's my no 1 fan in the kitchen. She's my best critique, well kids don't lie :D

Cheesy Penne
200 gm Penne Pasta
Salt and pepper to taste
Oil for sautéing
mushroom (optional, I used small can of button mushrooms pieces and stem)
100 g bacon chopped in small pieces (optional, or you can use ground chicken, or ham bits)
1 small Onion minced
1 garlic cloves minced
1/2 cup cheese spread (can be adjusted depend on you, I used cheese whiz)
1 cup grated cheese (I used regular eden cheese)
1 1/2 cup cream ( I used milk for substitute)
chopped Parsley (optional)

1. Cook pasta al dente  according to package direction (put salt and oil when the water boils). Drain and toss in the cheese spread and set aside
2. For the sauce, sauté garlic and onion. Add bacon and mushroom cooked for about a minute or until brown
3. Pour in the milk then the cheese, simmer until the cheese melts, season with salt and pepper.
4. Turn off heat and toss in the pasta. Topped with parsley if desire.

Served hot with Garlic Bread.

Enjoy eating!

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Thursday 13 - My 1st

Join here at Thursday13

I came across this Meme while I'm busy browsing my blog list's, the rule is just list down any 13 things that you want to do etc.

Since I just launch this food blog of mine, I want to join this Meme by writing the 13 things that I want to cook or learn to cook,bake,eat. Here it is...

1. I want to learn and try to bake a cake for my daughter for her 6th birthday next week.
2. Want to stock up my cupboard with condiments and spices that I will use for my future cooking.
3. Enroll in a baking class
4. Enroll in a basic cooking class
5. Have my blog hosted on a domain
6. Buy some baking utensils
7.Cook a special weekend menu
8. Bake brownies
9. Cook Kare-kare since this is one of Hubby's favorite
10. Prepare a healthy baon for Sam
11. Plan my menu for Sam's birthday celebration at her school
12. Practice my cake frosting
13. Make a Marshmallow Fondant

With this list of mine, I don't know how I can squeeze it in between work,home,kids and house hold chores. :(

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Welcome aboard!

This is it!

My first official post here at my foodie blog.

After months of blogging, I decided to create another one where I will account anything related to my passion - i.e cooking,baking and food-related stuffs.

I'm so excited :D.

I hope you'll join me here! See yah!

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